Merton Special Teaching Association

Bonnie Brown

Assistant Headteacher, Cricket Green School

Specialist Leader of Education: SEN

Bonnie has significant teaching experience in working with SEND pupils in mainstream, ASD specific and diverse and complex needs school environments.
Bonnie has a Masters in Professional Studies in Education, focusing on ASD, Speech and Language and PDA. She has an extensive training background such as having certificates in TEACCH, PECS (Level 1&2), Social stories, SCERTS and Social Eyes.
Bonnie has a keen interest in supporting professionals working with pupils on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD), pupils presenting with demand avoidant behaviours, eating difficulties and significant sensory needs. She will support staff in developing their understanding of ASD and SEN and share tools and strategies to enable pupils to access learning and social opportunities. This may be advice around organising and structuring the environment, structuring work activities, supporting transitions and unexpected events. She will work closely with the class and leadership team to explore triggers, environmental considerations and how to maximise learning potential. Bonnie uses a coaching method to enable staff to ensure that pupils are learning within an effective environment and are more confident in managing any difficulties that may arise.
“I am passionate about creating the best learning environment for SEND pupils by way of effective analysis and reflection. Modifying the environment is the key to behavioural change.”

Bonnie is available to provide bespoke intervention for individual pupils . She can provide:

  • Guidance in modifying the learning environment to support pupils with specific needs
  • Advice and coaching in developing and implementing strategies to support the needs of SEN pupils
  • Information around the identification of sensory needs and how these can be supported in the classroom
  • Advice and signposting to relevant literature, training and professional networks


 Any questions please email or phone 02086489737 (Upper School option)