Merton Special Teaching Association

ASD Outreach Support

Merton Autism Outreach Service

Merton Autism Outreach Service (MAOS) is funded by the Local Authority and operates from Cricket Green School. It supports the inclusion of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Social Communication Difficulties in mainstream settings.

It is a service currently provided without charge to schools in Merton as it aims to facilitate pupils with ASD to maintain their places in mainstream schools whilst having their specific needs met by practitioners in those schools. It supports the Local Authority's commitment to inclusion. 

The service works in an advisory role with schools, supporting staff in developing their understanding of ASD and sharing tools and strategies to enable pupils to access learning and social opportunities.

The service is staffed by experienced professionals who have expertise in working with pupils with ASD in both mainstream and specialist settings. Bonnie Brown (Assistant Head, Cricket Green School) and Hannah Hime (Senior Educational Psychologist) are the lead professionals who manage the service, which is overseen by CGS and Merton EP service. The outreach support workers for the service are Audrey Moriaty and Melanie Kew.

MAOS can advise on:

  • Organising and structuring the environment
  • Appropriate approaches and strategies
  • Structuring work and activities
  • Supporting transitions and unexpected events

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